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Ceramic Coating Packages

AutoPro is proud to be offering Sensha™ ceramic coatings as a mobile service! The 8-Year Sensha Crystal Glow™ will give your paint a better-than-new finish and provide quite a few additional benefits.

Why Get a Ceramic Coat?

Right now when you purchase a ceramic coating package from AutoPro, you will receive a unique personalized 10% discount code for ALL future mobile detailing services! All ceramic coats are warrantied for 8 years from the date of installation.

Damage Protection

Protection against contaminants such as bird droppings and water spots prevents a trip to the body shop!

Easier Maintenance

Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the coating, your car will stay cleaner for longer and be easier to clean.

Lock in Freshness

New car? A ceramic coat will lock in that new-car extreme gloss look and improve your paint longevity.

UV Protection

Here in Arizona, we see more sun than most states. Our coating will protect your paint from the sun's UV rays.

Gloss Enhancement

Our coatings have been proven to significantly enhance the glossy appearance of your car's paint!

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your paint is protected 24/7 from damage caused by day-to-day use.


Like our other packages, our coating services are simplified into three easy tiers. Unlike most other ceramic coaters, you’re able to view our base prices up-front and honestly. Please note that due to the nature of paint correction, these prices will vary $100-200 depending on your paint condition and size of your vehicle.

Brand New Vehicle


Starting at

This package is for brand new vehicles with under 500 miles, as these typically require very little correction.

Light Correction Needed


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This is for well-maintained newer vehicles requiring only light paint correction before coating application.

Heavy Correction Needed


Starting at

This is for well-loved vehicles requiring multi-stage paint correction before coating application.


We offer add-ons to compliment your new shiny ceramic coating!

Window Coating

Give your wipers a rest and have water roll off your windows! Our window coating is more effective than Rain-X and lasts around three years.

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Wheel Coating

Keep your wheels nice and new by getting our wheel face coating. This will repel brake dust and making cleaning much easier.

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