AutoPro Detailers

Eco-Friendly Washing

Never before has it been possible for a mobile detailer to clean at your home, apartment and office, while following all local guidelines and producing ZERO water run-off on the ground. How do we do it?

Why Waterless?

Washing your car with a hose and sponge was developed all the way back in the early 1900’s!

Fast forward one hundred years and biochemists have developed synthetic, “waterless” carwash formulas that perform far better than natural and conventional products we all grew up using. So why is waterless better?

Safer for Paint

Our waterless wash is made up of charged polymers and lubricants that safely encapsulate and lift away dirt.

Eliminates Run-Off

No more unsightly and staining water on your driveway! This lets us detail in parking lots too.

Better for the Environment

We use on average 300x less water than the average detailer or hose wash.

Infused with Polymer Protection

Waxing and protecting polymers ensure your paint's protection from scratching and swirling.

More Efficient

Our waterless wash techniques take a fraction of the time that a traditional wash requires.


The AutoPro waterless wash is ceramic coat safe and is much less harsh than most soaps used on paint.

Innovative Solutions

Will a car engine run on water? No… that’s because water isn’t a lubricant. Same goes for your car’s paintwork – water isn’t a lubricant.

You can try hosing or pressure washing your car down, then letting it dry. You’ll notice that water in itself will not clean your car & the dirt & grime is still there.

The water you’ve just sprayed on your car is now on the ground, and the little water that’s left on your car (if the sun doesn’t dry it out fast), is just water, and water isn’t a lubricant.

HOWEVER, our special waterless wash agents are formulated with special synthetic polymer lubricants that allow you to safely capsulate and lift the dirt away from your car.

Yes, lift the dirt away with a microfiber cloth… Scrubbing your car the traditional way with water and a sponge to get the dirt loose is unnecessary as it smears dirt into your paint and scratches it.

Multiple Benefits

Water spots and drips when you drive away are now a thing of the past.

No overspray on other vehicles from pressure washers and soap cannons.

No dangerous hoses and cords to trip over.

No access to power or water required, which means we can access more remote locations

Our Advanced Wash & Wax Polymers also:

Protect the surface from UV rays, repel dirt and grime for longer, and bead water from the surface (keeping it cleaner after it rains).

Why aren't all cars washed like this?

Cost. The best car cleaning products are expensive.

Pair the Wash & Wax with the required microfiber cloths at $12+ each, and it becomes a bit more expensive than a 50 cent bucket and sponge from Walmart!

These methods can be more labour intensive as the technique to get a scratch free finish takes longer than throwing it through a hand carwash wash bay with 10 people armed with sponges and brooms.


Our commitment to
the environment

AutoPro Detailers exclusively uses eco-friendly and “waterless” cleansers. This eliminates the water run-off and stormwater contamination that is typically associated with detailing. Have confidence in your support of the environment through AutoPro.